Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the NIMBEL baby carrier different?

The NIMBEL baby carrier is the only carrier with Exoframe Technology TM. The strong but light steel beams transfers the babies weight to your hips, the strongest part of your body. 

You can carry your child in 3 ways and you can use the NIMBEL from newborn to toddler.

It's made from premium materials with durability in mind. Strong like a technical backpack, but light and foldable so it fits in a small bag.

There is no other carrier that gives you this versatility and durability.

Why should I use a NIMBEL baby carrier?

Baby carriers offer numerous benefits. They promote bonding between parent and child, provide a safe and secure environment, allow for convenient and hands-free mobility, and can help soothe a fussy baby. NIMBEL provides excellent support for the baby's developing spine and hips and because of our patented Exoframe Technology provides the lightest carry for the caretaker.

How can I contact you?

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Shipping & returns

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What age is a NIMBEL carrier suitable for?

From newborn to toddler

What weight is a NIMBEL carrier suitable for?

3,2—25 kg / 7—55 lbs

Is the carrier safe?

NIMBEL baby carriers are very safe. The product goes through rigorous testing. We outperform legal requirements for baby carriers and make them even safer than the law requires.

Customer feedback so far is that users find the NIMBEL very solid and safe. Because the frame creates a the sturdy little seat, taking the baby out or putting it in the carrier is very safe and convenient

Always carefully read and follow the instructions that are in the manual.

When do I need a Newborn Insert?

If you want to carry a baby up to 62cm a Newborn Insert is necessary.

What carry positions are possible?

The NIMBEL is a 3-in-1 carrier. You can carry facing the parent, facing the world, and on your back.

Do you offer discounts or a referral program?

Customers who purchased a carrier will receive a referral code of €50 they can share with friends and family. You will receive this after the return term has ended.

We do not have giftcards yet, working on it!