We want to enable all parents to discover the world with their babies, free from any discomfort, by giving them access to our Exoframe baby carriers.

Our Story

Like most parents, and probably just like you, we hold our children close when they need comfort. That's why we love baby carriers, they give comfort and stimulate bonding, but also give you great freedom of movement.

But with the carriers on the market, we experience a physical strain on our backs and shoulders after carrying our kids for a little while. We want to carry more, but the weight on our back and shoulders is holding us back.

After sharing our struggles with our friends, we learned that many people experience this and that is exactly what motivated us to start working on a solution.

We set out on a 3-year journey, involving designers, physiotherapists and engineers, and totally reimagined the baby carrier. We developed a unique product that enables you to carry longer in comfort; the world's first super comfortable Exoframe baby carrier was born.

With NIMBEL you can carry light, carry longer and discover more.

Our promise

To give you the best baby carrier in the world with the best service.

A safe and comfortable product for you and your baby

A sustainable product that's made to last a lifetime

Free EU shipping and returns

A 30-day trial period to use the product. Not satisfied? Just return it, free of charge.

5 years extended warranty after registration. Anything wrong? We'll fix it.

After it's lifetime, our recycling service helps you to turn your NIMBEL into new resources.


We want to create the most sustainable carrier possible.

Our 4 sustainability pillars

1. Carefully sourced materials

To create the most sustainable carrier possible we set the highest quality standards. All components have been selected with the greatest care and highest safety standards in mind. All materials are due to a strict RSL (restricted substances list) and/or are meeting at least the OEKO-TEX® standard. All paper and carton we use is FSC certified.

2. Built to last a lifetime

We select the highest quality materials to design products that are built to last generations. Cleverly designed and with eye for performance and detail, our long-lasting products are well tested meeting safety and quality standards. We offer 2+3 years warranty and, if needed, we repair your product or replace parts to extend its lifetime.

3. Designed to close the loop

We design with refurbishment and recyclability in mind. The limited number of materials used are easily separable and recyclable. And in future, we aim to go beyond.

4. Support workers

We work with suppliers that ensure a safe and healthy work environment with fair wages for workers.

But there is still much to do.

This is what we are currently working on:

  • We are looking for materials with a lower carbon footprint, without compromising quality.
  • Looking ways to reduce our footprint in transportation.
  • Looking into credible partners to offset carbon emissions.

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