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change the way

we carry our kids.

Become co-owner of NIMBEL and help grow our business across Europe. Together we will enable parents to carry their kids, free from discomfort.

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4 reasons why NIMBEL is on the verge of success:

1. A unique, patented and sustainable product

Designed for high ergonomics and

2. A team with a proven track record

Leading, hands-on industry and brand-building experience from the likes of Bugaboo, Coca-Cola and Oatly. We have a track record of building and exiting companies.

3. Users love it!

Amazing customer feedback, 5-star ratings and multiple award nominations.

4. International traction

We have a rapidly growing
international sales network.

Current carriers cause discomfort

More than 50% of parents experience back or shoulder pains with their carrier.

The new NIMBEL baby carrier has patented Exoframe Technology™️ that brings all the weight to your hips instead of the shoulders.

NIMBEL carries lighter and better

Our Patented Exoframe Technology™️ gives parents a lighter carry.

The frame also creates a little seat so you have two hands free to hold your baby. Easy and safe!

The generous hip band supports the hips, even with pelvic instability or after a C-section. The back pad provides unprecedented comfort and stability.

Users love it.

In our market research, 89% of users considered to buy the NIMBEL vs. any other carrier.

Since launch, customers are very positive and we get 5-star ratings.

Ambassadors love the NIMBEL and show it on Social Media. We are featured in media like &C magazine, Linda and BNR.

Opportunity: scale a patented product in a €1,5bn market.

  • 70 million new families every year, 5 million can afford a premium carrier. Our annual target audience is 0,5M families large.
  • Shoppers are spending more and carrying is getting more popular, certainly with dads.
  • Families buy more than 1 carrier. In Asia even 2,7 carriers!

Are you ready to invest?

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We are raising funds to grow our business:

1. Marketing

We will drive brand awareness and conversion with strong campaigns that contain great content, high quality influencers, events and PR.

2. Sales

We will recruit a key account manager to secure more distribution points across Europe and manage relationships with distributors.

3. Inventory

We will invest in maintaining healthy stock levels and right on time delivery.

What's in it for you?

1. The glory

You are a proud owner of a start-up company with a promising patent and the potential to go global.

2. Return on investment

Based on the business plan and market averages , we foresee a 5x multiple in case of a company exit 5 years from now. As with all investments, this is no guarantee.

3. Dividends

When the company pays dividends, your certificates are eligible.

Investment levels


€500 - €7.500

Certificates in NIMBEL

+ Eternal thanks from the

Sugar aunt

€7.500 - €25.000

Certificates in NIMBEL

+ A NIMBEL carrier

Daddy cool

€25.000 - €50.000

Certificates in NIMBEL

+ A NIMBEL carrier

+ Meet & Greet in the office

The mother of all

> €50.000

Certificates in NIMBEL

+ Customized one-of-a-kind
NIMBEL carrier

+ Meet & Greet in the office

+ Discount on share price

Check our sharefunding page on Eyevestor to get your certificates.

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Contact & FAQ

We are here to help. Feel free to reach out!

Call us on +31 23 230 2084
Whatsapp: Start Chat

NIMBEL carrier B.V. Is raising funds to support it's growth.

We will issue certificates in a cooperative. Small, large, private or professional investors, anybody can buy certificates and become co-owner

These certificates will be sold and managed on

As of January 12, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Select an amount and make a reservation on this page (available from January 12). A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Step 2: on Februari 6 you will get an email from Eyevestor to finalize your account.

Step 3: make the payment

Congratulations! You are done!

Certificates will be sold and managed on

January 12: Start bidbook fase
From this day you will be able to download the pitchdeck, and reserve your certificates on this page.

February 6: Start private sale fase
Private sale for 48h, if you have made a reservation, you have 2 days to convert this on Eyevestor.

February 8: Start public sale fase
Wider public can buy certificates until our target is reached

A minimum of €500, maximum €900.000

By investing you will buy certificates and become co-owner of NIMBEL. Your investment is not a loan.

From Januari 12 onwards, you can reserve your certificates. This is the best way to secure your certificates.

On Februari 6, we will go live with the sale and you have 48 hours to convert your reservation by making the payment.

After making a reservation you will get more information on the next steps by email.