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What is an ergonomic carrier? And what is meant by the M-position?

What is an ergonomic carrier? And what is meant by the M-position?

Until about 10-15 years ago, babies were carried in a carrier with their legs straight (think: baby Carlos in The Hangover…). The baby carriers had a shape similar to underwear, and the weight of the child hung largely on the crotch of the child. Not really comfortable. Moreover, it was discovered that this posture can have a negative effect on hip development. In children who are predisposed to hip dysplasia, this condition can be triggered by carrying them with straight legs.

We don't want that anymore. Nowadays, we have so-called ergonomic carriers, such as the NIMBEL carrier, which provide proper support for the baby. This ensures the natural M-position, or 'frog position', or 'spread-squat' position, which has the following characteristics:

  • Thighs slightly spread around the parent's waist
  • Buttocks lower than the knees
  • Legs supported from knee to knee

How do you ensure that your child has this correct M-position in the carrier? You do it like this:

  1. Adjust the width of the seat: make sure your child's legs are supported from knee to knee. Note: the lower legs must be able to move!
  2. For a young baby, ensure that the back has the natural curved shape by tilting the hips towards you with your hands under the buttocks.
  3. Adjust the carrier so that the knees are higher than the buttocks.

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