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What are the benefits of using a baby carrier?

What are the benefits of using a baby carrier?

Throughout history and all over the world, people have carried their babies, and for good reason. Most parents will agree that a baby carrier is an essential item for their baby gear. But why?

It's actually quite simple. Carrying your child in a carrier or sling allows you to hold your baby while keeping both your hands free. We probably don't need to explain why you want to carry your baby. There is a lot of scientific research that shows carrying is good for your child's development. But even without that research, you know yourself that carrying your baby is just nice for both you and your baby. Your baby becomes calmer when held and often needs that proximity to fall asleep in the early days. Children with severe reflux who vomit a lot after feeding and experience pain as a result benefit from being held upright after feeding.

Regular carrying also prevents your child from spending too much time lying down, which can result in a flat head. So, a baby carrier contributes to a beautiful, rounded head!

By carrying your child in a sling or carrier, you have your hands free for other tasks or for other children. It's no wonder that parents who didn't have a carrier for their first child often purchase one for their second. Otherwise, they simply don't have enough hands to take care of both children.

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